Physical Threat Resources

Active Shooter

CISA: Mass Gatherings: SecurityAwareness for Soft Targets and Crowded Places

CISA: Security of Soft Targets andCrowded Places – Resource Guide

DHS: Security Soft Targets and Crowded Places
Security Plan Overview

Southern Baptist Convention: Resources for Church Safety and Security

DHS: Active Shooter Preparedness

CISA: Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces

Safeguarding Houses of Worship

FEMA: Resources to Protect Your House of Worship


FEMA; Arson Prevention at Houses of Worship

Mail and Package and Bag Checks

DHS: Safe Mail Handling Procedure

US Navy: Suspicious Packages Guidance

USPS: Guidance on Suspicious Mail or Packages

USPS: Mail Center Security Quick Reference Guide

California Resiliency Alliance: Resource Collection on Suspicious Packages and Mail

DHS: Public Venue Bag Check Procedures Public Venue Bag Search Procedures Guide

Bombing Prevention

DHS: What To Do:Bomb Threat


Extension Disaster Education Network: Epidemic Preparedness for Community Organizations


DHS: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence (for private and public schools)

FEMA: Planning Considerations for Emergency Managers of Faith-Based

FEMA: Strategic and Operational Planning

Ready NOVA: Developing Your Family Preparedness Plan

DHS: Indicators Infographic

Ready NOVA: Developing Your Faith Organization Preparedness Plan

FEMA: Planning Considerations for Emergency Managers

Red Cross: Supporting Communities Before, During and After Collective Trauma Events

FEMA: Resources to Protect Your House of Worship

Center for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence: Recognizing Violent Radicalization

DNI: First Responder Toolbox

FEMA: Resources, Partners, and Tips to Help Keep Your House of Worship, Office, or Community Center Safe

City of Fairfax: Model Emergency Operations Plan for Houses of Worship

DNI: Homegrown Violent Extremist Mobilization Indicators 2019

FEMA: Guide for Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship

CAIR: Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety

Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Guide

Church Mutual: Security and EmergencyPreparedness

DHS: Emergency Action Plan Guide

Water-ISAC: Virginia Beach Tragedy and Active Shooter Preparedness Resources

Anti-Defamation League: Hate Symbols Database

EPA: Supporting Healthy Houses of Worship

Insider Threat

DHS: Insider Threat: Workplace Violence