Information and Analysis

FB-ISAO leverages our broad, all-hazardsthreat awareness to share original, relevant, reports and analysis to provide members enhanced threat awareness and to help inform risk management and operational activities supporting members’ situational awareness, preparedness, and security operations.

Cyber Threat Intel

FB-ISAO leverages threat intelligence and information resources to enhance member cybersecurity. Among those is an optional,  simple, sensor-informed system and an intuitive user interface that integrates threat intelligence directly with your network. You won’t have to purchase high-cost equipment or software. All FB-ISAO members can share in this community so all members can be a part of our trusted, private, cyber network.

Community Partnerships

ISAOs thrive when members begin to collaborate within a vetted, trusted community of similarly-focused partners. Through FB-ISAO, members gain access to a vetted, private network of peers and partners exchanging ideas on issues, ideas, intelligence and other information within a trusted community.

As part of our mission, FB-ISAO encourages members consider the hostile events / active shooter program and resources available through Gate 15 & The Power of Preparedness.