FB-ISAO Holds its First Meeting of the Advisory Board

Thanks to our Advisory Board for providing great support and feedback during our first Faith Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO) Board of Advisors Meeting on 03 October 2018.

We discussed a number of topics relating to the progression of FB-ISAO. Among other topics addressed at Temple Rodef Shalom by those in attendance (physically and virtually) were membership, services, outreach, and value to the community. We all agreed as to the need for this mission to be successful and to help the American community of faith enhance threat and risk awareness, information sharing, and collaboration. A big part of our mission for the next few months will be to educate the community on what success in these areas can do in terms of improving individual and collective security and resilience. The community of faith, like all organizations, must contend with the ever-changing, all-hazards threat environment. Physical threats are always present but cyber threats are increasing and issues such as natural disasters, health threats, and blended threats are challenges that can also cause significant impacts to the community. Awareness is a key component of developing more effective preparedness and risk mitigation in such a delicate space.

In addition to our wonderful Advisory Board, we are fortunate to have the support of many individuals involved in private-public information sharing that have agreed to lend an ear to our efforts and provide us with much needed feedback. Private-public partnerships have been key in expanding the number of entities that can share threat information effectively with one another in their communities, and horizontally with other communities and government partners, reaching those who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to participate in such the information sharing environment before.

Some of our team and Advisory Board visiting ahead of our meeting at Temple Rodef Shalom, in Falls Church, Virginia, 03 October 2018