Reduce the threat.

Protect the free practice of faith.

The Faith-Based Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO) provides members with information, analysis, and capabilities to help reduce risk while enhancing preparedness, security, and resilience. We are an all-faiths and all-hazards information sharing organization.

Threat Level

The Threat and Incident Response Group evaluates the FB-ISAO Threat Level on a periodic and as-needed basis.


Membership in FB-ISAO is open to all Faith-Based Organizations including Houses of Worship, Charities, Faith-Based Schools and their affiliated organizations.

The Need for Community Partnerships and Connections

To become more resilient, Faith-Based Organizations could partner with other organizations and / or local agencies to enhance communications, coordination and training opportunities leading to improved security protocols, increased awareness of suspicious activity indicators, and ultimately perhaps improving the ability to prevent, detect, deter, and disrupt potential plots.