I love how you work with your members and truly support new initiatives and ideas.

Seth Ozer, Facilities Director & Safety Officer, St. Paul JCC and Member of FB-ISAO


Click below to sign up for FB-ISAO! Join our community and help advance the preparedness, security, and resilience of your team and our community of faith! Membership in FB-ISAO is open to all Faith-Based Organizations including Houses of Worship, Charities, Faith-Based Schools and their affiliated organizations. We offer a membership program designed for larger FBOs. Contact our team to learn more!

Enforcement /
(only available
to sworn law
enforcement &
Faith-Based Daily Journal:
A daily round-up of events
(physical and cyber) from around
the world that may impact
faith-based organizations.
Impact Communications:
Alerts on events (physical and cyber)
that are taking place at the present time e.g COVID-19 pandemic reporting.
Monthly Newsletter:
A monthly newsletter with articles of importance to the faith-based community. The newsletter is a good resource for a listing of all FB-ISAO events. SAMPLE NEWSLETTER.
Month-At-A-Glance Report:
A quick glance at reports, events, meetings, religious commemorations and notable attacks for a given month.
Weekly Digest Report:
A weekly run-down of disseminated reports, highlights from FB-ISAO Slack, working group happenings, and noteworthy items.
Weekly Advisory:
A weekly advisory on very specific topics that affect the faith-based community e.g ransomware threats targeting faith-based organizations.
Weekly Reports:
Routine reports that focus on specific
topics (physical and cyber, addressed
separately) that have a direct impact on
faith-based organizations. Reports will include
specific action items that can be taken by
faith-based organizations to mitigate 
those threats.
Monthly Threat Brief:
An interactive discussion hosted by the Business Resilience group where members can discuss security related topics. Members have the opportunity to weigh-in on topics that will be discussed.
Invitation to participate in
events (exercises, workshops
and webinars.) Some events will be fee based, however, the fee will be discounted.
Invitation to participate in
events (exercises, workshops
and webinars.) Some events will be fee based.
Access to Slack on multiple
channels for collaboration
with other FB-ISAO members.
Participation in Information Sharing Communities (Slack channels based on localities). 
Invitation to participate in Working Groups. Opportunity to contribute
to the development of
FB-ISAO security and
resilience products
and activities.

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