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Hostile Event Preparedness

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Andy Jabbour and Curtis Jones discuss workshops

Exercise Objectives

Provide a one-day forum for faith-based and charity organizations to enhance their threat awareness and preparedness relating to potential physical attacks at their facilities.

Use a hostile events scenario to provide participants an opportunity to interact with one another and discuss issues, concerns, best practices and other salient points regarding physical security preparedness, coordination and response (these exercises will not focus on recovery) among participants to help inform organizational preparedness, security & resilience.

Use a hostile events scenario to provide participants with greater awareness of USG and local government resources, guidance and best practices relating to hostile events and physical security to help inform organizational preparedness, security & resilience.

Provide feedback to members and the broader faith-based and charity community on best practices, preparedness gaps, and opportunities for improvement identified through the exercise series within 60 of the final workshop to help inform organizational and community security preparedness.

Workshop Schedule

Confirmed Locations
Florida19 February 2020Orlando, Valencia School of Public Safety
Virginia24 March 2020Ashburn, St. Theresa Church
Virginia14 April 2020Virginia Beach, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Wisconsin – Madison 12 November 2020Madison, Overture Center for the Performing Arts
TBD Locations
California 23 June 2020 Northern California
California 25 June 2020Northern California
CaliforniaLos Angeles area
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia area
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