Vetting Policy

The goal of an ISAO is to build a trusted environment where people can share information readily and safely without fear of retribution and with a sense of comfort knowing they are part of a vetted, commonly focused community of peers. To that effect, FB-ISAO is open to individuals who work at faith-focused facilities and organizations (such as churches, temples, mosques, other houses of worship, faith-based charities, and the organizations and associations that collaborate with those facilities), partner charities and non-profits, and supply chain partners that may not be explicitly focused on the community of faith. FB-ISAO reserves the right to deny membership to organizations that are assessed as advocating violence or hatred.

FB-ISAO welcomes all individuals meeting the above criteria at the Basic Member level. Due to the trusted relationships we have with our government partners and information sharing restrictions, we will only allow US citizens to join at the Standard and Professional Member levels, and to join member groups (e.g., working groups, committees) and access FB-ISAO and partner reports. Some information, when appropriately marked, may be further distributed.

The membership application will ask for a supervisory or HR contact. Before an application is accepted, FB-ISAO will reach out to the supervisory or HR contact to verify two things; US citizenship and affiliation with the FBO. Upon verification, applicants will be contacted with next steps. As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to