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Pandemic Reopening Reentry Checklist

Thank you to the Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO) team, our sponsor, Gate 15 , FB-ISAO members, our partners across industry and government who contributed to the development of the Pandemic Reopening & Reentry checklist for Faith-Based Organizations.

The checklist will be shared as TLP:GREEN product but will be distributed to all our members regardless of their membership level. From the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Definitions and Usage:

When should TLP:GREEN be used? “Sources may use TLP:GREEN when information is useful for the awareness of all participating organizations as well as with peers within the broader community or sector.”

How may TLP:GREEN be shared? “Recipients may share TLP:GREEN information with peers and partner organizations within their sector or community, but not via publicly accessible channels. Information in this category can be circulated widely within a particular community. TLP:GREEN information may not be released outside of the community.”

The checklist is a compilation of government guidelines, best practices and special consideration for Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) to help pilot their efforts on reopening. FBOs do not fit a mold – they come in all faiths, sizes and have differing traditions. Each individual FBO will need to marry the checklist to their state and local regulations as well as take into account their size and their traditions. Not an easy task!

FB-ISAO’s mission is to provide members with information, analysis, and capabilities to help reduce risk while enhancing preparedness, security, and resilience. The Pandemic Reopening & Reentry checklist speaks directly to that mission. However, FB-ISAO recognizes the need for individual FBOs to work together, in and within, their communities to develop their own guidelines for their specific facilities based on the Pandemic Reopening & Reentry checklist. We have often touted the need for collaboration, in fact, our latest post on this subject can be found here.

In order to make it easier for our members to collaborate and safely reopen based on the checklist, we are taking the following steps:

  • All existing Basic members, on or before May 15 2020, will be elevated to Standard members – at no cost.
  • All members can now join Information Sharing Communities (ISC). ISCs is where the local work on tailoring the Pandemic Reopening & Reentry checklist for Faith-Based Organizations can take place.
  • We ask members to let us know what ISC they should be added to. The image on the right is that of current ISCs. We can add as many new communities needed. Please write to
  • All Law Enforcement members and United States Government members are asked to join FB-ISAO Slack so they can help their own communities.
  • We are creating a new Slack channel; “Best_Practices”. Members should use this channel to share anecdotal feedback, with each other, as they go about reopening. Ideas for topics to share in this channel include:
    • Best practices
    • Successes
    • Not-so-successful ideas
    • Oops, we didn’t think of that

While FB-ISAO is stepping-up to help FBOs with providing the capabilities to spur collaboration, we are asking our members to also step-up and help each other. By joining ISC’s and collaborating with peers, members are contributing to the resiliency of their communities. The health threat is not going away anytime soon, how we, as a community, handle reopening safely is how we become more resilient.

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