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Faith-Based Daily Awareness Post

Faith-Based Daily Awareness Post 13 September 2023

Faith-Based Security Headlines

These updates are shared to help raise the situational awareness of Faith-Based organizations to best defend against, and mitigate the impacts from all-hazards threats including physical security, cybersecurity, and natural disasters.

FB-ISAO Newsletter, v5, Issue 9 – FB-ISAO (

The September issue of the FB-ISAO Newsletter has stories on:

  • Membership Reimagined
  • Harnessing the Power of Collaboration to Ensure School Safety
  • Spotlight: If You See Something, Say Something®

The Newsletter lists that both the Physical and Cyber Threat Levels are Guarded.

There is also information on joining FB-ISAO, getting on FB-ISAO Slack, and upcoming events.

In addition to monthly newsletters, the FB-ISAO Blog has the Daily Awareness Post, and other items of interest, such as Active Versus Passive Participation, FB-ISAO Partners with Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence Program, and FB-ISAO: Five Years Strong.

To become a member and receive member benefits not available to the general public, join FB-ISAO at Membership – FB-ISAO.

Weekly Security Sprint EP 33. Embezzlement, See Something – Say Something, Morocco, Blended Threats and more!

The Gate 15 Security Sprint is their weekly rundown of the week’s notable all-hazards security news, risks and threats and some of the key focus areas for organizations to consider behind the headlines. Gate 15 team members discuss physical security, cybersecurity, natural hazards, health threats and other issues across our environment.

In this week’s Security Sprint, Dave Pounder and Andy Jabbour discuss:

  • Bells toll as the U.S. marks 22 years since 9/11, from ground zero to Alaska
  • Embezzlement
  • Blended Threats
  • See Something, Say Something
  • Devastation in Morocco
  • Swatting
  • Other items of interest

The above Gate 15 Weekly Security Sprint website also provides links to many security related items of interest.

More Security-focused Content

Read a report detailing attacks on Faith-Based organizations following the Dobbs ruling.
Read the Membership Reimagined Post.
Access all-hazards resources from public and private sector partners, curated by the FB-ISAO team.

The FB-ISAO’s sponsor Gate 15 publishes a free daily newsletter called the SUN. Curated from their open source intelligence collection process, the SUN informs leaders and analysts with the critical news of the day and provides a holistic look at the current global, all-hazards threat environment. Ahead of the daily news cycle, the SUN allows current situational awareness into the topics that will impact your organization. To sign-up for The SUN, please sign up below.

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