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Faith-Based Daily Awareness Post

Faith-Based Daily Awareness Post 14 September 2023

Faith-Based Security Headlines

These updates are shared to help raise the situational awareness of Faith-Based organizations to best defend against, and mitigate the impacts from all-hazards threats including physical security, cybersecurity, and natural disasters.

Antisemites, Racists and Other Bigots are Hijacking Public Meetings

“The ADL Center on Extremism is tracking an increase in antisemitic speech and trolling efforts at public forums such as city council, county board and state house committee meetings. Extremists and bigots are using the public comment portion of these events, especially those with the option to call in virtually, to push antisemitic, white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ+ narratives.”

The article provides multiple examples of extremist groups interfering with public forums.

Analyst Comments:

Some of these public meetings can be considered soft targets. All public areas around the meetings are definitely soft targets. Forum participants and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) near the forums may become a target if the extremist groups increase their activities to vandalism or violence. FBOs involved in the forum, or even the forum’s topic, should consider that they may become a target of extremist groups.

A valuable 24-page resource for protecting soft targets is CISA’s Security of Soft Targets and Crowded Places-Resources Guide.

CISA also provides the following for protecting FBOs:

As always, Faith-Based ISAO’s website provides resources in the Resource Library.

Update to September 12th’s Faith-Based Security Headlines

On Telegram, Accelerationist Group Claims Responsibility For Calling In Bomb Threats To Synagogues, Black Churches, LGBTQ+ Bar, Vows To Continue ‘Swatting’ Activities; Posts Livestreams Of Religious Services Online As They Call In Threats

MEMRI has several items on the continuing bomb threat and swatting incidents.

Also, StopAntisemitism reports on a bomb threat at a Jewish school in Miami.

More Security-focused Content

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Access all-hazards resources from public and private sector partners, curated by the FB-ISAO team.

The FB-ISAO’s sponsor Gate 15 publishes a free daily newsletter called the SUN. Curated from their open source intelligence collection process, the SUN informs leaders and analysts with the critical news of the day and provides a holistic look at the current global, all-hazards threat environment. Ahead of the daily news cycle, the SUN allows current situational awareness into the topics that will impact your organization. To sign-up for The SUN, please sign up below.

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