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Looking Forward to 2019!

The Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organization staff and Board of Advisors have accomplished a lot in 2018:

  • We registered as a non-profit in the state of Virginia in June
  • We formed our Board of Advisors in August
  • We established initial operating capabilities in September
  • We began distribution of the Faith-Based Daily Journal (FBJ) and our routine weekly and monthly reports in September
  • Our membership lists doubled between June and December
  • We held three meetings with our Board of Advisors
  • We attended one national and one local faith-based-focused events

In December, we spent a good deal of time planning our next steps. We planned out some goals for 2019:

  • Continue to grow our membership
  • Increase our Advisory Board Members (with an emphasis on diversification and representation from multiple faiths)
  • Develop and roll out our membership portal which will be a one-stop shop for membership registration and vetting and serve as an information repository
  • Continue to enhance and disseminate our push products, including new products
  • Get our members involved in working groups
  • Educate our members on how to collaborate together
  • Host recurring hostile events / active assailant education and preparedness education via webinar

2018 was all about forming the organization. We couldn’t have done that without the help and guidance of our awesome Board of Advisors!  2019 is going to be about continuing to provide our membership with products that serve to inform threat and risk understanding, security, and resilience. We will also roll out new collaboration capabilities for our members and partners and we will design, develop and conduct regional workshops around the country to further bolster community preparedness. We are excited for 2019 to get here!

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