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FB-ISAO’s Local Information Sharing Communities

Information Sharing Organizations are driven by the members – the organization itself simply provides the venue for members to collaborate in a way that works best for their respective communities. Since its inception, the Faith-Based Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (FB-ISAO) has added capabilities to enhance member participation and collaboration. Reference these posts for more information:

Largely due to the health threat we are all grappling with, it is important, now more than ever, to further develop  relationships and foster geographic-specific information sharing and collaboration so we can work together to reduce risk while enhancing community preparedness, security, and resilience.

FB-ISAO recently implemented an incident reporting workflow capability in Slack for members to report and share incidents occurring in their communities. In contrast, the intent of the ISCs are to share information that may not rise to the level of an incident, but would be good for situational awareness, such as other local security incidents, law enforcement, or fusion center reports. Likewise, ISCs could be used to share other regional / locally-specific items of interest such as upcoming events, questions of others in the community, requests for assistance, or preparedness, response and recovery needs or ideas, as well as other information local members may want to share with one another.

FB-ISAO is supported by a great team and has fantastic volunteer leaders contributing to our Advisory Board, the Business Resilience Group, and in other ways. The ISCs are intended to further enhance our community and collaboration in support of the FB-ISAO mission to provide members with information, analysis, and capabilities to help reduce risk while enhancing preparedness, security, and resilience. ISCs will help inform and support a critical aspect to a healthy community and realistic understanding of our environment by fostering a “boots on the ground” level perspective on what is happening in our faith-based communities nationwide.

ISCs have been established for Central Florida, Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Nevada, Minnesota, Northern California, and Wisconsin. Additional ISCs will be added as members request them. Current FB-ISAO Hero and Champion members can request to be added to those channels now.

Though our current challenges seem daunting and the current threat seems never ending, we can work together locally and nationally to enhance our response, and eventually our recovery.

Join FB-ISAO! We welcome faith-based organizations, charities and critical partners to join FB-ISAO. Access our TLP AMBER and TLP GREEN reports, join our collaborative forums, working groups, participate in leadership opportunities and take the next step in enhancing your organization’s preparedness, security and resilience!

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